VulnHub Bulldog Walkthrough

Hey everyone! I’m back with another VulnHub CTF Walkthrough.  This time, I worked through Bulldog by Nick Frichette.  I had a great time with this VM, and thought it was really fun and different from the others I’ve worked on so far. As always, please leave me a comment at the bottom if you’d like […]

VulnHub Covfefe Walkthrough

Alright, I’m back with another walkthrough! This time I’ll be working through Covfefe by Tim Kent.  Thanks, Tim, for making this VM! Let’s get started as we usually do…   Recon Enumeration Same as how I usually start these: netdiscover to find the local IP address of the VM I’m working on, then nmap to […]

VulnHub Zico2 Walkthrough

Next in this walkthrough series is Zico2.  This one was a nice mix of challenging, learning new things, and satisfying to complete.  A friend of mine also has been giving me some feedback on my previous writeups, so I’m going to try to incorporate his suggestions (such as being more explicit with what flags on […]

VulnHub Mr Robot Walkthrough

For my second walkthrough for VulnHub VMs, I wanted to do the Mr Robot VM for 2 reasons: It was much more challenging than the LazySysAdmin VM. I’m also a fan of the show. I learned a lot from this one and, despite getting frustrated at times, still really enjoyed it and had fun.  Overall […]

VulnHub LazySysAdmin Walkthrough

Well, this blog hasn’t been updated in QUITE some time, so I thought I’d revive it and put it to use. I’m going to start doing write-ups of hacking VMs from the awesome site VulnHub.  To start this off, this post will be about the LazySysAdmin VM, which was fun, and pretty easy (with a […]

Securing a VPS (Updated)

UPDATE: In my silence in the past while, I’ve had the great fortune of finally getting a job as a Security Engineer.  One of my first projects for that job was basically what I had written here; securing a VPS in a Cloud hosted environment.  I’ll leave the original post unaltered below, but when I […]

All The Honeypots

I’ve been looking into doing some work with honeypots recently, specifically thanks to this amazing open-source project, MHN (Modern Honey Network) by Anomali (formerly ThreatStream). To my surprise and delight, there are a lot more open-source honeypot projects out there than I originally thought.  The more I looked into it, the more I found, and […]